REBOOT Raahe in English

Participate in REBOOT Raahe idea contest and win 5000 euros! Your goal is to solve how recent graduates could enter the workforce better in Raahe region.

Reboot Raahe idea contest.

Why idea contest?

Raahe region needs more workforce now and for years to come, so it is evident that we need to hold onto our young doers in the area. New ways to employ young people in home region are necessary for graduates to refine their professional skills as well as for businesses to gain the skilled labor they require.

What would you do in a completely different way in order to get more youngsters to land paid jobs in local organizations?

Rules for participation

Who can participate?

  • One can take part as an individual, an organization or as a team (no limits to the number of team members).
  • The participant has to have some kind of tie or connection to Raahe region (Raahe, Siikajoki and/or Pyhäjoki). One can also build the connection during the contest for example by networking with region’s students, education providers, businesses or other operatives in the area.

What kind of an idea?

  • The implementation of the idea should succeed without heavy investments and with local resources.
  • The idea could be (option, not required) attached to the upper secondary school studies or as a part of student’s degree.
  • The number of ideas submitted to the contest is not limited, so the participant/s can offer several solutions.
  • Inventiveness of the idea as well as how the idea can be adapted to suit local needs, are taken into account in the estimation.

How to participate?

  • The format how to present the idea is optional. One can choose for example text, video, picture, app, recording or even a play or other performance. The idea is what counts.
  • The presentation can be in Finnish or in English.
  • Please send the presentation (or a link to it) by email to yrityspalvelut [at] no later than May 31st by 4 pm.

The winner of the contest

The main prize for the best idea is 5000 euros. In addition, the best idea from Raahe region’s upper secondary school (student/s or staff) will get a special award of 500 euros.  

The jury reserves possibility to arrange an audition for the ideas and a Teams presentation for the best ideas if necessary.

The jury can also decide on other special awards, and has the possibility not to issue the main prize at all.

The winner of the idea contest is announced on Wednesday June 23rd 2021.

The jury

Pasi Pitkänen, Raahen Region Development (chairman)
Tapani Piirala, Raahe Business College
Jari Riihijärvi, Raahe Chamber of Commerce
Jaana Ritola, Brahe Education Centre
Kirsi Ylisirniö, Raahen Yrittäjät

Additional information on joining the contest

Aira Meriruoko
tel. 040 135 7027
aira.meriruoko [at]
Raahe Region Development

Note! By sending the proposition to the idea contest, the sender agrees to join the contest’s register. The register includes sender’s contact details, date and facts concerning the idea. We apply the EU General Data Protection Regulation to the collected data. Contact person: Aira Meriruoko (contact details above).


Raahe region is involved in Sitra’s project with eight other regions in Finland, where Sitra speeds up and supports the ability to renew know how and adapting to change in collaboration with region’s operatives.

The idea contest was published on March 31st in regional forum, where representatives of business, learning institutions, organizations and public administration were invited to strengthen the influential cooperation even more.

Read more about collaboration network on Sitra’s sites (in Finnish)

The idea contest is an experiment that is hoped to inspire not only excellent ideas but also interest to the important subject, raise productive discussion and to widely encourage different operatives and individuals to act and work together.
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