Advice and support

Save time, effort and money when you want to move your operations to the Raahe sub-region or look for new space for your operations!

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find the best solution and get you all the support you need to realise your plans. We know the supply and operators in our area very well, so you don't need to spend time digging out contacts or looking for anything else but get directly to the point.

Are you wondering if the Raahe's sub-region is right for you? You'll find out when you get to know us deeper than the surface. We are happy to organise a demonstration that responds to the exact questions you have so that you can become convinced that there is no better place than our sub-region.

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Raahe Region Development 
Jussi Kemilä 
tel. +358 408 303 018 
jussi.kemila [at] 

Pasi Pitkänen 
tel. +358 401 356 750 
pasi.pitkanen [at]

City of Raahe 
Harri Tuomikoski 
Business Services Manager 
tel. +358 401 356 811 
harri.tuomikoski [at]
Pertti Severinkangas 
tel. +358 403 156 200 
pertti.severinkangas [at]
Matti Soronen 
tel. +358 403 596 001 
matti.soronen [at]