When Finland is no longer enough, it is easier and safer to get started with our help. We'll help your business find the best market for your product or service and help you hone your competitive edge to the best it can be.

Services for internationalisation

International business has its own twists and turns, but with our support, you don't have to learn your lessons the hard way. Expertise in international trade is also needed within Finland, especially in companies involved in major projects.

We help with:

  • internationalisation assessments
  • market surveys
  • investigating and applying for funding options
  • matters related to trade (e.g. payment transactions, taxation and legislation)
  • preparing documents

We also organise:

  • information events and seminars on different topics (e.g. customs clearance, currency hedging, quality certification, funding, recruitment)
  • corporate visits abroad
  • participation in international fairs

Information events and seminars are free of charge for companies. We organise visits and trips case-by-case basis.

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International affairs 
Jussi, tel. +358 408 303 018  
jussi.kemila [at] (jussi[dot]kemila[at]raahe[dot]fi) 

Riitta, tel. +358 408 303 198  
riitta.palosaari [at]

Major projects 
Edvard, tel. +358 401 356 967 
edvard.musijenko [at]