Changes of ownership

Do you want to buy a company or is it time to quit your business? The path to changing ownership may be complicated and long, but we can give you a reliable partner for the journey.

Company for sale

Buying a business is a good way to become an entrepreneur or expand your operations. There are many reasons for selling a business, often related to changes in an entrepreneur's life situation. The transaction is not just a matter of value assessments and agreeing on terms, but it is also important to share information and to take into account the welfare of the person giving up the business - after all, a company is often life’s work.

We help you find the right parties and support you in finding a consensus and making a profitable transaction. You can also let us know if your business is on silent sale.

We help with:

  • drawing up the plan
  • financial arrangements
  • calculations
  • finding partners
  • finding the target of the sale
  • identifying risks
  • preparing documents

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Changes of ownership  

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