Projects are tools to provide more resources for the current development needs of regional companies.

EU funding targeted at the needs of the region's business life

Project activities are an important part of regional development activities. Most of the support for the development of employment and livelihoods in EU regions is channelled through projects. In practice, project activities involve the planning, implementation, administration and acquisition of funding for various development projects.

We help:

  • companies, groups of companies and organisations in the region to launch their own projects (design and management support, funding applications)
  • by launching and implementing projects based on the needs of companies and communities in the region, for example to develop a specific sector or competence
  • by participating in other regional, national and international projects that benefit regional companies at discretion, either through additional resources, important information or influencing opportunities

Currently ongoing projects and the latest completed projects in the Raahe region are listed in Finnish.

New projects 
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