Purpose of regional development

Increasing the vitality of our region cooperatively is at the core of regional development.

Regional development involves influencing at local, regional and central government levels. We work closely with decision-makers, authorities, organisations, funding providers and other actors to improve the operating conditions of companies in our region. In addition, our task is to keep our region's business flag flying high in all contexts and to promote our interests.

All our projects aim at the success of the Raahe sub-region. Our future depends on how well companies and residents in our region are doing. Jobs are essential for our attraction and retention, not forgetting education and a pleasant living environment with transport connections.

We promote the growth and attractiveness of our region’s reputation as a location for companies in cooperation with the municipalities.

In reputation building, every citizen, entrepreneur and decision-maker in the subregion can do their part, as we are all ambassadors of our home region.