Looking for suitable premises? No worries - let's find it together! We'll be sure to find one that best fits your needs.

There are premises available in the sub-region for many needs, from small boutiques to heavy industry. In addition to municipal premises companies, numerous private owners sell and rent premises. Our website includes a free channel for finding, selling and renting premises also for private operators.

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Raahepolis Oy
Kari Malkamäki
tel. +358 401 303 800
kari.malkamaki [at]
City of Raahe
Harri Tuomikoski
Business Services Manager
tel. +358 401 356 811
harri.tuomikoski [at]
Ruukin Yrityspuisto Oy
Matti Toppila
tel. +358 504 922 666
matti.toppila [at]
Pyhäjoen Teollisuusyhtiö Oy
Matti Petäjäniemi
tel. +358 447 106 210
matti.petajaniemi [at]