Do you need more funds to realise your plans? With our help, you will be prepared to answer all of the funding provider's questions and ensure that your application is top-notch.

Applying for business financing

We are very familiar with the different sources of funding, as well as the conditions and restrictions associated with different funding options. We are fluent in the language of the funders. For the best advice, book a meeting to discuss your situation together!

We help with:

  • investigating financing options
  • preparing plans and calculations
  • risk mapping and preparedness
  • contacting funding providers
  • applying for funding

The Business Translator provides extensive information on financing for start-up entrepreneurs and existing companies in Finnish.

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Business financing 
Jussi, tel. +358 408 303 018 
jussi.kemila [at] 

Riitta, tel. +358 408 303 198 
riitta.palosaari [at]

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